About Us

Our vision is to simplify school transport operations with a focus on child safety. iBusChina is a SaaS offering that allows school transport teams to set up and execute their day to day operations seamlessly. From setting up routes and trips to managing student schedules and emergencies, iBusChina helps manage all of these operational tasks with ease.

Why choose us

  • No hardware investment

    Download iBusChina mobile application and get started with ZERO investment.

  • Easy to set-up

    Go live and start tracking your fleet in less than 60 minutes with a simple interface.

  • Cloud based offering

    Access your fleet from any device: desktop, laptop or on the go on mobile.

  • Pay as you use

    Pay only for actual active students currently on your admission rolls.

  • Enhanced Data Security

    Encrypted data stored on cloud servers available only to parents and school.

  • No separate license

    Single account license for admin application and support.

Our Team

  • Sam Wang


  • Cindy Wu

    Marketing and Sales

  • Physton Liao

    School Panel Designer

  • Shanshu Yan

    App Design