How iBusChina works for Parents?

Worried about your school going children traveling on the school bus? Our iBusChina Parent App can change that. With this app, you can track the bus daily during the ride and ensure that your child is safe.

  • Parents are sent notification and time when bus arrives at each bus stop so that they may plan their tasks and prepare their kids to reach the bus stop on time.

  • The iBusChina Parent Application provides parents with access to a list of trips their kid is assigned to and highlights current active trips.

  • No more waiting for the school bus at stoppage points and no more running to the stoppage point to avoid missing the bus. iBusChina triggers notifications when the bus is nearing a stoppage point and shows ETA for more accuracy.

  • Students are checked by bus monitor per their photos through the pad to update boarding and deboarding information. iBusChina automatically sends notifications to parents whenever their kid enters or exits from the bus during both pickup and drop trips.

  • Anytime during active trip time, parents can view the bus location on the map, call attender for any queries, or request and view traffic spots enroute to school. iBusChina provides a live map view with traffic information for parents to remain calm in case the bus is delayed.

  • Just one app needed to view multiple kids’ profiles and manage both with just a click of a button. The iBusChina Parent Application lets parents edit their profile and home address of kids with just a few clicks.

Our 24 x 7 chat support team assists you for any technical queries, helps you on time and makes sure you are receiving every information related to your kids school.
iBusChina has a direct support channel to help parents in times of any issues. School transport team does not have to worry about any technical difficulties.