• What is iBusChina

    iBusChina is a web-based application that helps manage, automate, and optimize the School Transportation Operations.

  • Why does a school need a bus tracking system?

    To address student safety concerns and optimize the transport operations.

    iBusChina provides you a complete and real-time connection between the bus, the school, and the parents/guardians to know the up-to-date status of a child.

  • Key Benefits of iBusChina

    Ensures the student safety

    Reduces fuel and optional costs

    Provides real time notifications

    Live tracking with real time estimated arrival time

  • Is iBusChina integrated with Maps?

    Yes, iBusChina tracking software is integrated with Baidu Maps
  • Is the data secure and safe?

    Yes, iBusChina application offers complete privacy and high-level security.
  • Does it need internet connectivity to receive the notifications?

    Yes, you need to be connected either with mobile data or wifi since we are sending notifications within the application.