• Where to download iBusChina Parent Application and how?

    iBusChina Parent Application is available both in Huawei store and App Store. For other users, it is available to scan the QR code for installation.

  • How to Login to iBusChina Parent App?

    Accessing iBusChina Parent is pretty simple. Please follow the below three steps:
    Step 1: Please choose the correct school’s name from the school list on the sign in page.
    Step 2: Enter the registered mobile number and primary password.
    Step 3: Please tap the sign in to log into the system.

  • My phone number is not being accepted and says “Please enter the registered mobile number.”

    Please make sure your mobile number is registered with the school team. Please be noted that mobile number of overseas can’t be accept until you have a domestic number.

  • Need to update/change the registered mobile number.

    For security reasons, we do not have an option to change/update the register mobile number within the application. Please contact the school transport administrator to get this updated.

  • Can I upload a kid’s photo?

    At present, only school admins have an option to upload the kid photo in the profile.
  • How to edit/change the address within the application?

    At present only School Admins can change the address
  • I have two kids. Can I track both at time?

    If both the kids are studying in the same school, you can track both kids in the same application.
  • I have two kids studying in two different schools. Can I track both using iBusChina application?

    No, we do not have an option to track two kids of different schools at the same time. However, you can switch between the two schools.
  • What all notifications are shared by the school?

    Below are the notifications, you receive within the application:
    Kid boarding/deboarding notifications
    Bus started from school and reached to school notifications.
    Emergency notices.

  • What if my kid forgot his/her ID card at Home?

    Do not worry, bus monitor will alight kid’s photo for attendance within iBusChina Monitor App.
  • Can I contact the monitor during the trip time?

    Yes, during the trip active time, you can contact the monitor using the message function with the details available within the application.